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How to manually update a Product Catalog on Facebook?
How to manually update a Product Catalog on Facebook?

Follow these steps if you want to speed up the updating of a catalog once

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Facebook retrieves your product feed, depending on what you have set, once a day or once an hour.

In some cases, however, you may want a change in your catalog design to be implemented immediately on Facebook. For example, if a Black Friday campaign starts at a specific time.

Follow these steps to transfer the design updates from Adflow directly to Facebook.

1. Navigate to your Product Catalog

Then select the catalog linked to a feed from Adflow.

2. Request an update of the Catalog

Now navigate to 'Data sources' and click on the Adflow feed linked to your Product Catalog.

Under the 'Next Upload' heading, click the 'Upload Now' button.

On this page, you will find the settings of the feed. Under 'Schedules', you can click the 'Request Update Now' button to retrieve the feed again.

Facebook will now retrieve your Product Feed again. Depending on the size of your feed, this may take one to several minutes.

3. Done!

You have updated your catalog.

Navigate to the items in your catalog to see the latest design updates from Adflow.

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