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How do I replace the source URL of an existing Catalog?
How do I replace the source URL of an existing Catalog?

Learn how to convert an existing Catalog to an Adflow Catalog.

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Follow these steps to change the existing source of a Catalog on Facebook to the feed from Adflow.


When you replace the source of a catalog, all campaigns linked to this catalog will be automatically updated. The new Adflow design will be active immediately. If you are currently working with Facebook Frames, these Frames will be visible on top of the design you have chosen in Adflow. So, make sure to deactivate these Frames before updating the source.

1. Navigate to your Product Catalog

Then select the catalog linked to your current feed.

2. Replace the existing source

Now navigate to 'Data sources' and click on the Data Feed currently linked to your Product Catalog.

Click on the 'Upload Now' button under the 'Next Upload' section.

Under 'Schedules,' you can click on the three dots. Now press 'Edit.'

Under Schedules, you can now change the URL of the feed. Remove the existing URL and then paste the URL of your new Adflow feed. You can find this URL on the overview page of your new catalog in Adflow.

Leave the 'Username' and 'Password' fields blank. Adflow feeds are publicly accessible.

Then click on save.

Facebook will now retrieve your Product Feed again. Depending on the size of your feed, this can take a few minutes.

3. Done!

You’ve replaced the feed of your catalog. Now go to ‘items’ to check out your new Adflow design.

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