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Create a Pinterest Catalog in Adflow
Create a Pinterest Catalog in Adflow

Learn how to add a design to all products in your product feed for Pinterest.

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1. Create a Pinterest design

Have you already created a Pinterest design? Then skip the first step.

Here's how to create a Pinterest design:

  1. Navigate to the design overview page:

  2. Click on the plus icon to add a design.

  3. Select 'Pinterest Standard' at the top of the editor.

  4. Create your design as desired.

2. Create a new catalog

Navigate to the Catalog page in Adflow:

Follow the steps below:

  1. Click the "New Catalog" button to add a new catalog.

  2. Give the catalog a name.

  3. Choose the channel 'Pinterest'.

  4. Select an existing feed that you want to format. If the desired feed is unavailable, send your feed URL to

  5. Choose a design of your choice.

  6. Click 'Add Catalog'.

You are now in the overview of your catalog. Here you can check if your products are being formatted correctly or make your ads more personal by adding segments.

3. Activate your catalog

Activate the new design by clicking the 'Start Catalog' button.

Adflow now formats all products in your catalog with the selected design. Depending on the size of your feed, this process takes one to several minutes.

Your catalog is now active. Adflow checks every night around 1:00 AM for new articles, price adjustments, and removed or sold-out products. Adflow automatically ensures that your catalog is always up-to-date.

4. Link your catalog to Pinterest

Now it's time to link your catalog to Pinterest. On the Catalog page, you will find a URL that you can use to import the newly designed catalog into Pinterest.

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