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How to create your first catalog design in 1 minute
How to create your first catalog design in 1 minute

Create your first catalog design, without design expertise, by using our templates

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Let's create your first catalog design in 3 easy steps👇

Step 1: Add your Brandkit

To begin, add your logos, fonts, colors, and potentially unique selling points and reviews to your brand kit.

You do this by navigating to your project settings and then clicking on 'Brandkit'

Step 2: Select a template

Now let's create a new design. Go to the designs section and click on the plus icon.

Then, select 'Templates' in the left menu and select the template you like most.

Step 3: Add your branding

Now you have selected a template, it's time to add some branding.

First, go to 'Brandkit' located in the left menu. Then, click on your brand colors repeatedly until you have found the desired branding.

Once you are happy with your design, select ‘Save’ at the top of the page.

Done! You can now create a new catalog in Adflow and add your design.

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