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How to exclusively promote products that are on sale in Meta?
How to exclusively promote products that are on sale in Meta?
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If you have a great offer on some of your products, you should draw extra attention to the discounted products.

How do you advertise only with these products within Meta?

Here's the answer👇

In this article, we assume you have already created a catalog in Adflow and added a design.

Step 1: Create a Sale design variant

You can give the products on sale a different design by creating a 'Sale' variant of your design.

Step 2: Add Custom Label to your feed

Your catalog now has two designs:

  1. The 'sale' design for all products currently on sale.

  2. The 'default' design for all other products.

You want to advertise only the products with the 'sale' design.

Unfortunately, Meta does not provide an option to create a product set consisting only of items that are on sale. However, in Adflow, you can add a Custom Label to your export feed, which enables you to create such a collection.

To add a custom label, choose a custom label field under the 'Enrich feed with segments' heading.

It does not matter which custom label you select here. However, ensure that it is a custom label to which you have not added any other data.

Click 'Apply Changes' to apply your changes to the catalog linked to Meta.

Step 3: Create a product set within Meta

Now you are going to create a product set within Meta.

Important ⚠️

First, manually update the feed once in Meta to see the changes you made in your Adflow catalog.

Now Navigate to Catalog Management and select the Adflow catalog.

Then create a new product set.

  • Name your product set.

  • Select the custom label you added in Adflow, in our case Custom Label 1.

  • Set the field to 'Is any of these'.

  • Then select the 'default:sale' field.

  • Click 'Create'.

Done! You created a product set.

Step 4: Advertise product collection

You can now use your new product collection in an advertisement:

  1. Create a new catalog campaign.

  2. Select your Adflow campaign under the catalog.

  3. Choose your new product collection 'Sale items'.

Done! You are now advertising only with the products on sale and have the 'sale' design.

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