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What should I do with Facebook's 'feed problems' notification?
What should I do with Facebook's 'feed problems' notification?

Learn how to resolve errors and warnings from Facebook.

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Your product feed is the heart of your Dynamic Product Ads. If you want your ads to perform as well as possible, we recommend not ignoring the errors and warnings you receive from Facebook.


If you receive an error, you cannot advertise these products until you resolve the issue.

Common errors include missing product descriptions, prices, or images.


If you receive a warning, you can still advertise your products. However, Facebook uses the missing fields to optimize your ads, so we recommend resolving these issues.

Common warnings include missing sale prices, Google product categories, or shipping prices.

How do you resolve Errors and Warnings?

Click on the 'details product overview' button in the Facebook notification. You will now find an overview of the notifications per product.

Resolve these error messages with your web developer or product feed management specialist

πŸ’‘ Tip: Always add Google product categories or Facebook product categories.

Facebook uses categories to optimize your ads. Categories improve the performance of both your prospecting and retargeting campaigns:


By adding categories, Facebook can better determine which products to show existing customers. You indicate to Facebook which products belong to the same category, and your customer sees a more relevant offer of matching products in retargeting ads.


Categories are also helpful for prospecting campaigns, as Facebook uses them to present relevant products to strangers.

For example, if you sell men's shorts, you can add relevant information to your product feed, such as the correct Google product category:

207 - Clothing and accessories > Clothing > Shorts

You can also include a gender field:


Facebook will better understand the products you sell, which helps to increase your ad performance.

Download a list of all Facebook product categories:

Download a list of all Google product categories:

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