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How to use filters?
How to use filters?
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A filter is a subgroup of items within your product feed. This article will teach you how to create filters based on product characteristics.

Why are filters useful?

Filters can make your ads more personalized and effective.

Use filters to add all applicable items to the filtering set. For example, you can apply filters to create a collection of all women's shoes in your product feed from a brand ‘Dr. Martens’.

Then, for these Dr. Martens shoes, you can choose a different design in your Catalog.

How do you create a filter?

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Catalogs and navigate to "Items" in your project. Then, click the plus sign next to Filters.

  2. Enter a name for your new filter.

  3. You can choose between two filter options:

    • Match items for all the following rules: if you select the brand 'Adidas' and the product_type 'shoes', Adflow will display all Adidas products and all shoes.

    • Match at least one of the following rules: if you select the brand 'Adidas' and the product_type 'shoes', Adflow will only display Adidas shoes.

  4. Select a feature in the first dropdown menu to filter items—for example, title, brand, or custom_label_0. Enter the search terms in the text box and use the second dropdown menu to refine the search with options such as is equal to or contains.

    • Equal = all products that exactly match the entered value.

    • Not equal = all products that do not match the entered value.

    • Exclude = all products that contain the value are excluded.

    • Contains = all products that contain the value are included.

    • Blank = all products with an empty field are included.

    • Present = all products with a non-empty field are included.

  5. If you wish to apply more filters, click the plus sign and repeat the previous step.

  6. When you are finished, click "Add segment".

You have now created a set of items in your product feed. You can select this product set when creating a Catalog in Adflow.

Adflow automatically checks daily whether new items in your feed meet the filter criteria.

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