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What are the requirements for a product feed?
What are the requirements for a product feed?

Read about the requirements of a product feed that Adflow accepts.

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A Product feed is a file that collects all the products of a webshop. A product feed also contains characteristics of all products, such as a name, brand, or category. The file usually has a .xml or a .csv format.

Adflow links to your product feed and automatically checks once a day for any changes in the feed. For example, if you have added a new product or changed prices, Adflow automatically generates new formatted images for your products.

Adflow follows the Google Shopping Product Data Specifications. All mentioned fields are supported and we also support custom fields.

Required fields

Adflow requires only a few fields to function properly, but we recommend adding additional fields for a better experience.

Mandatory fields

  • id: A unique ID of the product. We recommend using the SKU.

  • title: Name of the product.

  • link: Link to the product's web page.

  • image_link: Image of the product.

  • price: Price of the product, including currency. For example: "20.00 EUR".

  • availability: Availability of the product. For example: "in stock".

  • brand: The brand of a product. For example: "Nike".

  • condition: The condition of the product. For example: "new".

Recommended additional fields

  • sale_price: The price of the product after applying the discount. For example, "15.00 EUR". Without a sale_price, you cannot show which products are on sale. You also cannot display discount percentages or amounts.

  • additional_image_link: Extra images of your products. If you add this field, you can use them in your design.


Adflow currently supports feeds in the following formats:

Note: Titles with prefixes like ‘g:title’ are common in Shopping fields. These fields are also supported.

Atom 1.0 XML

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <feed xmlns=""><entry><id>12345</id><title>Rode Sneaker</title><category>Sneakers</category><link></link><brand>Sneakerzz</brand><price>95.00 EUR</price><sale_price>75.00 EUR</sale_price></entry> </feed>


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <rss version="2.0"><channel><item><id>ABC-123</id><title>Rode Sneaker</title><category>Sneakers</category><link></link><brand>Sneakerzz</brand><price>95.00 EUR</price><sale_price>75.00 EUR</sale_price></item></channel> </rss>


Adflow supports comma (,) and semicolon (;) separated CSV files.

Comma separated

id,title,category,link,brand,price,sale_price 12345,Rode Sneaker,Sneakers,,Sneakerzz,95.00 EUR,75.00 EUR

Puntkomma separated:

id;title;category;link;brand;price;sale_price 12345;Rode Sneaker;Sneakers;;Sneakerzz;95.00 EUR;75.00 EUR

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