Submitting a feed from Channable

This article will teach you how to create and export a feed for Adflow from Channable.

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If you use Channable as your feed management tool, there are two ways to prepare a feed for Adflow:

  1. Use an existing Facebook or Google shopping feed.

  2. Set up an Adflow channel in Channable.

Use an existing Facebook or Google Shopping feed

To use an existing feed for your Dynamic Product Ads from Channable, you can use the URL of this feed to link it to Adflow. You can find this URL in the Preview step.

Set up Adflow feed in Channable

Adflow offers integration with Channable. To create a feed that's Adflow ready, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Feeds section.

  2. Click on "Create Feed."

  3. Select the "Adflow" channel.

  4. Go through all the steps to create the feed.

Once you activate the feed, you will find the new URL under the View step.

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