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Add your own font to Adflow

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Do you want to use your font in your templates? Then add the file to Adflow. Adding a font works as follows:

  • Navigate to the project where you want to add the font.

  • Go to 'Settings' and 'Brand kit'.

  • Click on 'Add Custom fonts'.

  • Click on 'Choose files'.

  • Select one or more fonts (.TTF or .OTF file format).

  • Click 'Upload'.

  • Choose a primary and a secondary font.

  • Click 'Save'.

  • Navigate to your template to see the fonts at the top of the list.

Go to 'Settings' > 'Brandkit' and click 'Add Custom fonts'.

Click on 'Choose files', select one or more fonts (.TTF or .OTF file format), and click 'Upload'.

Choose a Primary and a Secondary font and click 'Save'.

Navigate to a template. Here you will find your fonts at the top of the list.

Done! Your new font is now available in Adflow.

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