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Design Variants (Conditional Formatting)
Design Variants (Conditional Formatting)

Learn how to use a different design when a product is on sale.

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  • Use a design variant to format products that are on sale differently. Adding a design variant works as follows:

  • Navigate to your designs and select the design you want to add as a sale variant.

  • Click on the '+' button at the bottom of the variants bar.

  • Select the segment for which you wish to adjust the design. The 'Sale' segment is available by default. If you select this segment, Adflow will automatically filter the products from your feed that are on sale. Do you want to format another segment? Add a new filter.

  • Adjust the design as desired. Use dynamic texts such as a discount price or percentage [[sale_pct]].

  • Done! Adflow will format your products in two ways, depending on whether the product is on sale.

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