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Catalog Editor, the basics
Catalog Editor, the basics

Learn about the basic functionalities of the Catalog Editor.

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Static Layers

There are two types of static layers that you can add: Text and Image layers.

Text Layers

Click on 'Add Layer' to create a new text layer. Texts are customizable in size, color, and alignment. If the desired font is unavailable, read this article on how to add your font.

Adding Image Layers

Click 'Add Layer' and select 'image' from the dropdown menu. Then, click on the upload icon to add a new image. You can drag and resize all images.

Adjusting Layer Order

Do you want to place a layer behind another layer? Then arrange the layers in the desired order in the left menu. The layer that is at the top will be visible first.

Dynamic Fields

With dynamic fields, you can, for example, incorporate product photos, prices, or other dynamic information into your design. This article will teach you how to add dynamic fields to a canvas.

Design Variations

With design variations, you can format items on sale differently (conditional formatting). In this article, you will learn how to add design variations.

Canvas Settings

Under Canvas settings, you can name your template and set a different background. Navigate to Canvas settings by clicking on the gear icon in the upper-left corner of the Catalog Editor.


There are several default templates available within the Catalog Editor. Navigate to 'templates' in the left menu to view them all.

Click on 'Save' if you want to apply a template.

Note: you will overwrite your old design.


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