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Getting started with Adflow
Getting started with Adflow

In this article, you will find a step-by-step guide to preparing your account for a 14-day trial.

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Welcome to Adflow 👋

We recommend that you watch this video before getting started (3 min):

About the trial period

Adflow offers a 14-day free trial period. Before the trial starts, you can create a free account. You can import your product feed and create a template design in this free account. You can ask us to activate your account and start the trial when ready. If you cancel within 14 days, you won't be charged. After that, you can cancel the subscription monthly.

Step-by-step guide to improve your DPAs with Adflow

  1. Start by creating a free account. Click here to create an account.

  2. Connect your product feed by sending us the URL. We will add it to your account as soon as possible.

  3. Ready for the trial? Send an email to You will then receive a link to set up the payment details.

  4. Create a new catalog on Facebook and start advertising!

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